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         Here's why:

         You see, if you're like most people who are struggling to get their orchid to rebloom, it can be so frustrating.

         You bring your orchid home, you've got this entire string of blooms, and it's absolutely beautiful. It makes you happy every time you walk past it. And your guests are always commenting on how gorgeous your orchids are.

         Then, one day, one of the blooms fall off and you say, 'Okay, not a big deal.'

         Then that creates this domino effect and each of your remaining blooms all start falling off.

         One by one, until they're no more. Then what are you left with?

         You've got a couple green leaves and a dried out stick.

         Your once beautiful plant is now an eyesore. A reminder of what once was...

         And as it sits there for days, and weeks, and months. You begin wondering, 'Is this thing EVER going to bloom again?' Or should you just toss it in the garbage and give up?'

         And trust me, I completely know what that feels like...

         So, based on where you are right now, when it comes to getting your orchid to rebloom, what you want to do is find a solution that specifically addresses your unique situation...

         Ideally a guide or resource that walks you through all the steps you need to take to get your orchid to rebloom again...

         What to do when the flowers have fallen off...

         How to trigger new stem growth and bud formation...

         How to deal with some of the biggest challenges and troublespots when it comes to getting your orchid to rebloom...

         And how to get longer-lasting blooms, so the next time your orchid flowers - your blooms last for months and months instead of falling off after a few days...

         Which is why I put together a book covering everything you need to know to get your orchid to rebloom step-by-step.

         And based on everything you’ve told me, and the situation that you're in right now, I think this resource is something that might be helpful...

         Let me explain...

         Hi my name is Ryan Levesque...

         And I've been growing orchids for as long as I can remember...

         In a moment, I'm about to share with you information that took me a lifetime to discover... and show you how to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about orchids all in one place!

         ...And the best part?

        You can check everything out for FREE if you choose!

        Here's the story:

If you can't tell by now, orchids are a bit of an "obsession" for me... (my friends think I'm nuts :-)

        And recently, my wife Laura and I decided to write a book about the subject...

        After spending years as educators at the university level, we wanted to combine two of our passions - orchids and teaching - and write the best darn "how-to" book about orchids you could find....Share with you all the lessons we had to learn the hard way... AND arm you with everything you need to know to achieve success with your orchids, all in one place.

        So, before writing this book, we initiated a massive research project and interviewed over 300 orchid growers (331 to be exact) - from complete "newbies" to seasoned experts - to find out exactly what information would be most valuable in a comprehensive "how-to" book about orchids. 

        The project consumed almost an entire year of our lives.  And we poured our hearts into it....

        Fast forward to today, and thanks to the internet, the final book that resulted from this research has gone on to become one of the best-selling "how to" books on orchids - benefitting literally thousands of orchid enthusiasts across the world... (6 continents and 29 countries so far, to be exact).

         The final book, "Orchids Made Easy" was written in a unique way to teach you everything you need to know about orchids... explained step-by-step, and complete with dozens of diagrams, tables, and photographs.

        The book also contains literally hundreds of word-of-mouth tips & tricks.  This is the true gold that you won't find anywhere else.  Info you'd otherwise only discover after decades of REAL "hands in the dirt" experience - including answers to all those tough questions you can't just get by doing an internet search or heading over to your local library. 

        And unlike most orchid books, everything is explained in plain English, without any "snobby" orchid jargon.  We wrote everything so "regular people like us" could easily understand it all.

        AND we make the book available to almost anyone, because we offer a complete, no-risk opportunity to check out the book FREE, if you choose...

Here's taste of what you're about to learn:

How to Get Your Orchid to Rebloom...

  • The 9 Reasons Why Orchids Won't Bloom - And what you can do about it...
  • Discover what actually triggers new bud formation, when it naturally occurs, and how you can give your plant the right conditions to produce flowers...
  • Discover how often your orchid is supposed to flower in a year.  Never again have to wonder if you're doing something wrong, or if your orchid is simply going through its normal growth cycle.
  • If the flowers fall off and the "stick" dries out, learn how to tell whether this is just normal, or if you need to do something specific.
  • Find out how long it takes for your orchid to bloom again once the flowers fall off AND which months you have the BEST chance of getting new flowers from your plant...
  • Learn the #1 thing you must do immediately after your orchid has finished blooming...
  • 3 things you should do if your otherwise healthy orchid grows new roots or leaves, but no new flowers. 
  • The biggest mistake almost all orchid growers make -- even the savvy ones --  when trying to cut and rebloom their plant...
  • BONUS - 3 little-known Orchid Varieties that actually produce continuous, non-stop blooms all year long...

How to Save a Sick or Dying Orchid...
  • Prevention is the Best Medicine! 10 Tips For Preventing Pests & Disease
  • The 6 Signs of Sickness.  Learning to recognize these signs is the first step toward keeping your orchid alive and healthy.
  • The 14 Most Common Orchid Pests & Diseases.  Learn how to distinguish between the most common orchid pests and diseases (and get rid of them forever) using this fully illustrated "Pest & Disease Identification Chart"
  • Learn the most effective commcerical products to defeat even the toughest outbreaks - plus 100% safe, all-natural alternatives that do the job just as well.
  • Learn to tell the difference between "Surefire Signs of Sickness" and when it's "Nothing to Worry About" including:
    • What it means when your orchid leaves are "sticky"
    • What's causing your orchid leaves to turn yellow.
    • The subtle, but critical difference between a "Healthy" yellow leaf and a "Toxic" yellow leaf.
    • What it means when your flowers have "rust spots" on them.
    • What are those "small brown lumps or spots" on your leaves and flowers.
    • Why your orchid flowers keep falling off and withering, and what to do about it.
    • What to do about roots that are covered in mold and have turned black - including what to do to get rid of it if the mold keeps coming back!
    • And much, much more!
  • PLUS home remedies you can try yourself, including Cinnamon, Listerine mouthwash, and many more...

Beginner Basics...

  • Beginner Basics 101. The MOST important things you need to know if you're just getting started.
  • The 5 Best Orchids For Beginners...
  • Welcoming Orchids Into Your Home. How to do a proper walk-through of your house and use a "5 Point Checklist" to determine where in your home is best for your orchid.  Learn how to Pick the Perfect Place for your Plant!
  • How To Identify Your Orchid Learn how to know exactly what kind of orchid you've been given (or recently purchased yourself) so you can look up exactly what kind of care they require.

  • The "Right" and "Wrong" way to water your orchid.  Yes, believe it or not there IS a right way. (and 99% of new orchid growers get this one wrong...)
  • How much water to give your orchid. The simple way of knowing exactly when it's time to add more more water, or if you've been giving too much.
  • The 7 Signs of Overwatering and the 5 Signs of Underwatering.  PLUS... 3 Things you should do right away if you discover that you've been over or under-watering your plant.
  • Discover how to use my "Wet It and Forget It" watering method...
  • When you should be watering, misting the leaves, or doing both...
  • The TRUTH about immersing your orchid in water...
  • What you should do when you've got roots sticking out of the pot in mid-air.
  • What kind of water is actually POISON to your plants, and what to do if you're affected by this problem...


  • Learn exactly how much light your orchid needs to thrive, quickly and easily using my simple "Light Level Index" - (You'll never again have interperet what it means to give your orchid "partial shade" or "some light.")
  • The 6 Signs Your Orchid Is Not Getting Enough Light 
  • The 4 Signs Your Orchids Is Getting TOO Much Light
  • "The Shadow Test Method" - The simple (but accurate) way to measure light levels in your home in under 5 minutes, AND without any fancy equipment.
  • How to grow orchids under artificial lights, including what kinds of lights are okay to use, and which lights work best.       

Temperature & Humidity...

  • Discover the one unique temperature requirement that separates orchids from nearly every other houseplant.  (Take note...If not handled properly, it's been my experience that this is the #1 reason why orchids fail to bloom...)
  • Learn your orchid's "Safe Temperature Range" - The min & max temperatures your orchid will tolerate and still maintain its ability to produce flowers.
  • Discover the importance of proper airflow and why your orchid can't live without it...
  • Early warning signs that your orchid is Too Hot or Too Cold in your home.
  • Exactly How much humidity your orchid needs to survive...
  • 5 Tips For Raising Humidity (Without peeling the wallpaper off the walls) PLUS - Find out if putting your orchid in the bathroom is really a good idea...
  • BONUS: The 10 Dos and Don'ts for Growing Orchids Outside. What every grower should know before taking their orchid hobby to the great outdoors...  

How to Pot & Repot Your Orchid...

  • How Repot Your Orchid in 7 Simple Steps. (Each step fully illustrated with close-up photos). Finally, see the process explained to you someone who has successfully repotted over 200 orchids.  
  • Discover what kind of growing medium your orchid needs to produce hearty, healthy roots.  And find out why styrofoam peanuts could be the "secret ingredient" to your success!
  • 8 Potting Materials You Can't Live Without... PLUS my "World's Best Orchid Potting Mix Recipe" Discover the secret formula, and learn how you can make it at home yourself in just 4 Simple Steps!
  • The 3 Signs It's Time To Repot Your Orchid...
  • The Best (and Worst) Time of the Year to Repot
  • How to choose the perfect-sized pot for your plant.
  • Learn whether your orchid is one that prefers to be extremely "pot-bound" or if it prefers more room.
  • What to do with your plant once its roots start creeping out...
  • Learn whether you should use a plastic or clay pot, and the advantage you get when using a clear container...
  • PLUS - Find out whether it's a good idea to transplant your orchid into a basket planter and how you can do it in just 3 Easy Steps.


  • Learn exactly how much and how often you should fertilize your orchid.
  • Orchid Fertilizer Checklist - 6 Ingredients every good orchid fertilizer should always have.
  • The important (but little-known) differences between Granule, Slow-Release, & Water Soluble fertilizers... and how to choose which is right for you.
  • PLUS... How to identify and treat "Fertilizer Burn" 

How to Prune & Trim Your Orchids...

  • The RIGHT Way To Trim Your Orchid.  Learn exactly what needs to be done, step-by-step... Including what you should do to the stem of your plant after it is done blooming.

How to Propogate & Separate your Orchids...

  • The 5 Ways You Can Propogate Your Orchid
  • Discover how you can use clippings or cuttings to make new plants.
  • What to do when new shoots appear on your orchid.
  • What you should do with "baby orchids" that suddenly start growing off your original orchid, and how to prevent damaging the mother plant.
  • What to do when roots start growing off the stem in mid-air...
  • What you need to know before attempting to take your plant from seedling to flowering stage.
  • Find out whether it's possible to cross-pollinate two of your favorite orchids and create your own hybrid...


  • Answers to over 70 of the Most Common FAQS & Troubleshooting Tips, including...
    • What to do if you haven't been successful in getting any of your orchids to grow once the flowers have finished.
    • What to do after the last remaining blooms on your orchid fall off.  
    • How to distinguish between "normal" flower loss, and when the blooms are falling off because your orchid is sick.
    • The reasons why your orchid's leaves are turning yellow if the flowers are still blooming and your plant seems otherwise healthy.
    • What to do if you've taken your orchid outside and it looks like it's dying.
    • What to do if your orchids seem to shrivel and the leaves seem to be falling off.
    • Why the leaves on your orchid have gone floppy and red-colored, and what to do about it.
    • Why some of the buds on your orchid turn brown before they flower...
    • Why some of the flowers along the stem may open up fine, but others die before they get a chance to open.
    • What to do if you've only had your orchid a week or two and all the flowers have fallen off.  Why the flowers fell off so quickly, and what you can do to get your orchid flowering again!
    • And Much, Much More...

And this just scratches the surface...

        As you can see, we wrote "Orchids Made Easy" as the only book on orchid care you'll ever need.  And if you're like the vast majority of readers, you'll be well on your way to mastering how to grow orchids like an experienced grower...

        But don't just take my word for it....

Here's what actual readers are saying about this book

(which for some has "changed the way they look at orchids forever"...)

(Results below should not be considered typical of the average customer.
Please see legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement.)

"...Following Your Tips & Secrets, I've Managed To Make
My Vandas Rebloom for the First Time in my Life!"

Hello Ryan,
I have managed to make my vandas rebloom for the first time in my life following all your tips and secrets!  I am still concentrating on one particular one that just won't budge, it looks healthy and keeps growing but it just won't bloom and hasn't done so for 2 years.  The heat in South Florida is unbearable right now but we are getting the 20 degrees difference between day and night.  The orchids are doing great but since I have everything in clay pots I am having to water almost every day at the same time I water the vandas.  Fans are running all the time and the humidity here is great.
Your tips and your book and other materials are a wonderful guide and I continue to enjoy them.

- Margarita del Valle
   Miami, FL

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"Finally! Healthy Roots and New Blooms Thanks to You!"

Hi Ryan,

I have had an orchid for one year and it finally grew three new leaves, which was very exciting. So I thought, “Wow... Maybe I should go out to buy another one.” I ended up going out and buying 3 more, which are now already in bloom! 

As my collection started to grow, I researched on-line and found your website and decided to order your book, since the information you provided in your newsletters was so helpful and friendly. 

Following your advice, I have since repotted my year old orchid and it is beginning to grow healthy roots and I believe sprouting a bloom. Your book has really helped expand my knowledge and grow my enthusiasm for this beautiful plant -- and I wanted to personally thank you for all your tips.


- Irene Robbins
   Trenton, OH

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

Good Afternoon Ryan,

I have received my Book and have already put to use some of the "tips" to get my orchids to rebloom! I haven't sit still long enough to go through the whole book, but have scanned it through and a couple of things caught my attention and can't wait to see the results.

I have two orchid plants here in my office and a dozen or so at home--most are in one location with a new one out in the living room. SO, with the various locations, it only makes sense to do the "Quick & Dirty" light test.

I did some propagation last year for the first time ever and it worked--three have rebloomed, two just finishing blooming and then I received my Book. WOW~~was I excited! And now, with all these extra tips at my finger tips--so very exciting.
Looking forward to many years of blooming orchids!


P.S. Yes, You may share my comments on your website. It's the positive comments that directed me to research your site more and led me to the purchasing of the Book. As I am fairly new to growing orchids myself—3/15/07.  Thanks again!

- Ms. Betty Butwell
   Grand Rapids, Michigan

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

Hi Ryan,

My name is Geri and I am in Green Cove Springs Florida.  Just South of Jacksonville and West of St. Augustine.  In December 2008 I moved here from Dania Beach Florida which is just South of Fort Lauderdale on the East coast. 

I have over 50 orchids of different varieties and I am no expert by any means.  I couldn't even tell you the names of half of them.    The winters up here in North Florida are much colder than South Florida and I was really worried about my orchids.  Last winter I kept them indoors until the cold weather stopped.  Over the summer I moved them outside in trees and on the ground.    Now it's starting to get cooler and my son is in the process of building a greenhouse. I really thought I was going to lose them all for awhile. 

All summer I have been moving them around trying to find a "happy place"...first they were getting too much sun then not enough, the leaves were turning black, yellow, and moldy looking.  About a month ago I cleaned them up and repotted the majority of them. Cut off dead roots and shriveled up stems and gave them fresh spagnum moss and orchid mix.   They are doing much better and are starting to bloom and new leaves and shoots are coming out everywhere.  The greenhouse is almost done and I will be able to hang them in there soon before the cold really hits. 

I wanted to tell you that I loved your tip about the Listerine and the more bugs or ants.  I am going to try your tip about getting them to rebloom too.  I will let you know how I do.

My sister lives in Okeechobee Florida, which is Southwest of me, and thanks to you I got her hooked on the orchids several years ago after I ordered a copy of your book for her too.  I could go on and on about my orchids.  I even bought a few from a website that I found in Hawaii.  I like the moth orchids and vandas that you buy the local nurseries.. but the ones from Hawaii are quite unique.  Thanks again for all the tips!

- Geri Lewis
   Green Cove Springs, FL

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"This Book is a Bargain!"

“Thank you so much for the orchid advice - What a treasure! The tips on what to do with the orchid after it's finished blooming have been invaluable to me. I had 14 blooms for months...slowly lost one at a time. Now, just leaves. I wasn't watering it, on the advice of another orchid maven, but my daughter-in-law said you ARE supposed to water it daily... I was so confused!  Now thanks to you, I know what I should REALLY be doing once and for all - this book is a bargain!
- Susie"

- Ms. Susie Konicov
   Bradenton, FL

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"Blooms, Double-Blooms!"

"Dear Ryan, A friend gave me all their office orchids, telling me not to repot, stick them in bright light, and hardly ever water...  Wrong!  After reading your book, I repotted, fertilized and chose appropriate light.  Boy oh boy, let me tell you...  Blooms, double-blooms! 
Now I know not to shift the plant while the shoot is coming out and so much more.  Thank you, I now have some confidence in what I am d
oing.  These plants had not been repotted in five years and needed attention and now they are thriving thanks to your book."

- Amanda L.
   Grottoes, VA

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"All the Reblooming Information We Were Looking For..."

"My wife received this Moth orchid for Mother's Day. It had two stems with four flowers each. When it started dropping flowers I became interested in how she could get it to bloom again. After following some of your hints in your orchid email newsletters, I decided to purchase your book a as gift for her.  What a great decision – you've furnished ALL the information we were looking for, and much MUCH more. Thank you!

- Ed Longberger
   Nashua, NH

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"I never replanted an orchid in my life, I did not have a clue.  The ones I received as gifts had roots coming up on top - so I went to google and was I lucky? I decided to order your book, and when it arrived that week you led me through the procedure step by step! I have now replanted all five and thank you soooo much. They should bloom again after this. I really appreciated your help!

- Anne Bergen
   Mission, B.C. Canada

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"Never Had an Orchid Last This Long... Until Reading This Book!"

Dear Ryan
I managed to stumble across your e-mail newsletter a couple of months ago. I was gleaming lots of good information and everything was growing happily.  Then a question came up that just wasn't being answered quickly enough because, of course, I wanted the answer yesterday! :-)  and was at a crucial point--it was time to make a cut because all of the blooms had fallen off from "old age" and I didn't know where or how.
So, I ordered your book and received it just a couple of days ago.  I haven't finished reading it yet but I LOVE this book and have recommended it, and the newsletter to my aunt who thought she knew everything. She has found out differently!
I have never had an orchid last this long and I have to give you the credit.  Thank you for the lovely book filled with all the goodies and the info!

- Terri Witter
   Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"...Provided Answers to Even My "Strangest" Questions!"

Dear Ryan,

I have always loved plants.  I bought orchid plants, but alas never succeeded in keeping them "in the family".  Two years ago I lost my beloved Mother.  A friend brought an orchid plant to me just before my Mom passed.  I had no idea how to care for it, so I turned to your advice.  One year later, almost to the day of her passing, my orchid plant bloomed again. 

I was delighted to "find" you on the internet. Your explanations are extremely easy to understand, and your book seems to answer all my questions – even when I think to myself I must have the strangest situation on my hands!

- Gail Walters
   Biloxi, MS

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

"...3 Months Later, Two of My Plants Are Already in Bud."

"I have had a mix of many orchids. Getting the Dendrobiums and oncidiums to bloom had me stumped. They have always grown wonderful foliage and roots, but no blooms – the same story, year after year. 

Then I came across your book and read about the importance of proper lighting and temperature with great interest.  I deduced that these two factors were most important in my situation, and were what needed to be fixed. The lighting especially was the tricky part since I was not interested in artificial lights. 

I used your trick for measuring light and how to find the perfect spot in my home that offered my plants the right temperature AND just the right amount of light.  3 months later, two of my plants are already in bud.  Who would've thought it could be that easy!?!  Thank you again.

- Donna Perrault
   Bethesda, MD

legal: full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement

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        I will shoulder all the risk here.

        That's right.  When you order now, You don't risk a single penny.  Why?  Because you are covered by a super-generous
6-Month 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

        Here's how it works:  Order the book.  Read it, use it, treat it as your own.  If you are not completely thrilled with what you've learned, after 6 months (plenty of time to test everything out on your own orchids yourself)... then I INSIST you return the book to us (in any condition) for a fast refund of your purchase price.  No questions asked.  NO hassles either.

        How can I do this?

        Yes, it's a financial gamble for me...  But that's how confident I am that you're gonna be thrilled with this book. We poured our heart and soul into it - and spilled the beans on everything we know.  We've been publishing our work professionally in the history and medical fields for years.  Feel free to look us up.  We guard our reputations like a bulldog guards the front door.  If you're not happy, we're not happy.  The address you mail to is our office, here in the heart of Georgetown.  Stop by anytime.  We love orchids as much as you do :-)

        So when you order today... you essentially get to see and try out everything for free if you choose.  You do NOT even have to give me a reason if you decide to return.  I will trust you to do the right thing, as I have trusted people over my entire career.

There IS just one little "catch", however.... 

        You must order right away... and here's why:

        You see, my wife Laura and I are getting to that age now where we want to slow down a bit, spend more time traveling, and visit with our family... (I hate to use that "R" word - but I guess you could say that's what it is...)

        So therefore, we've only printed 300 copies of the book for this last run.  When they sell out -- which should happen very soon -- we'll see where we stand before printing up any more.  This batch could very well be LAST books that ever get released in our lifetime.  So don't delay.  Order today, while it's on your mind and before this opportunity vanishes forever.

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FREE BONUS #1 is my complete set of "Orchid Care Reblooming Cheat Sheets"

A few years back, I created a series of 2-Page quick reference guides on how to get each orchid variety to rebloom, complete with info on watering, light, temperature, potting and more.  One for each of the most popular orchid varieties including:
  • Phalaenopsis ("Moth Orchids")
  • Cattleya
  • Paphiopedilum ("Lady's Slipper" Orchids)
  • Cymbidium
  • Oncidium ("Dancing Lady" Orchids)
  • Vandas
  • And More!
We recently had these professionally designed and printed up on glossy card stock paper. And when you order today, you'll receive the ENTIRE SET of these "Cheat Sheets" absolutely FREE with your order.  By the way, I've had numerous people tell me these cheat sheets alone were worth the cost of their book...
($27.95 Value)

FREE BONUS #2 is my personal "Orchid Care Reblooming Calendar"

When I was first getting started with orchids, I created a simple quick-reference guide to help me remember what to do for our problem orchids each month of the year to ensure they rebloom... (what month to repot, fertilize, cut back, etc.)  And not too long ago, people started asking me for a similar month-by-month look at how to care for their orchids. 

So I went through my old notes, dug up that original worn-out, hand-written guide, added a few more critical points, and had it professionally done up.  Now it's one of my most sought-after resources - and because it's so near and dear to my heart, I only make it available from time to time.... So until I decide to take it down again (which could be tomorrow or next month...I haven't decided yet), you'll receive a copy of it included for FREE when you order the book today!
($15.95 Value)

      So just to sum things up: When you order now, you'll get a ton of good stuff included with your order... at an embarrassingly reasonable price... AND if for some reason you're not completely satisfied, you've got nothing to worry about, because you don't risk a penny! :-)

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YES! I’m ready to learn everything I need to know to grow and care for my orchids all in one place! I want to take advantage of this limited-time bonus package, which includes your complete set of Orchid Care Cheat Sheets AND your Orchid Care Calendar all together valued at over $80.00!

I understand if I wait... even until tomorrow, I could come back to this site and find the bonuses are no longer available.  I understand that by ordering TODAY, I'm guaranteed to receive ALL of the following:

"Orchids Made Easy"

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